The Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood are a cloistered contemplative religious
order established in 1861. Having received the spiritual heritage of Mother Catherine Aurelia,
we have as our contemporary mission to keep present in the Church and in the whole world the
ministry of PRAYER and REPARATION carried on in SILENCE and SOLITUDE. The principal end of the
institute is to give glory to the Father through the worship of His Son Jesus, and to honor Mary,
Immaculate in her Conception, and through these means to PRAY for the salvation of all God's people.

We are a community called to a life of CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER, directed in a special way to the great love which Jesus showed to all mankind in the shedding of his Precious Blood. One essential characteristic of our way of life is JOY, since a vocation of LOVE and REPARATION is a cause of JOY to the whole world, reminding all believers of the presence of that blessing we already possess here on earth.

Ours is a Ministry of Prayer within contemplative community life. In accord with our Foundress, while praying
always for universal Church, we must pray especially for dioceses from which we come and for the local
Church in which we live, faith of its people, the holiness of its priests and the cares of its Bishop.
Our central devotion is to make the Blood of Jesus known and glorified. Each Sister has special hours of
ADORATION and REPARATION in which she prays for the intentions of all who share their needs for prayers
with us, and for this special time of prayer and solitude she needs the CLOISTER. Within the solitude of
the CLOISTER, our Foundress says: "...She is free to labor with all her strength for those who do not pray,
for those who weep, for the sick and the aged, for families, for all things."

Hours of prayer are interspersed with a variety of works. These activities make for full, interesting and
wholesome days permeated with a spirit of prayer. They are likewise filled with JOY in the knowledge
that each moment of every day is part of the complete gift of self consecrated to Jesus by Vows.

Women must be at least twenty years of age, sufficiently mature and with good health, with positive
personal qualities that show promise of being able to serve the Lord in the Community of the Sisters Adorers
of the Precious Blood. In the United States of America there are six Monasteries.

For further information, contact:
Sisters of the Precious Blood
700 Bridge Street
Manchester, NH 03104
Last updated 4/19/01.

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